UPPSC RO ARO Book PDF 2022 – 2023 | UPPSC RO ARO Special Book PDF & Previous Paper : समीक्षा अधिकारी RO/ARO स्पेशल

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2022)

UPPSC RO ARO Book PDF: Through Review Officer RO/ARO Special Book PDF. Which is very much for your review officer exam preparation UPPSC RO ARO Study Material Notes in Hindi. RO/ARO Officials Reviewed, All Study Material Based on “UPPSC RO ARO Special Book PDF” You all know can download through link medium.

UPPSC RO ARO Study Material, Notes 2022: Download PDF


UPPSC RO ARO 2022 Complete Study Material [Free PDF] : Students find it very difficult to find notes for UPPSC RO ARO exam based on latest syllabus. In this blog, BYJU’S Exam Prep brings you the complete study material for the UPPSC RO ARO 2022 exam on a single page. BYJU’S EXAM PREPARATION MATERIALS CREATED BY RO/ARO EXPERTS.


On this page, you will get UP GK, General Hindi Notes and General Studies Notes tabulated subject wise. All the notes in BYJU’S Exam Prep have been prepared by the exam experts keeping in mind the UPPSC RO ARO exam pattern.

UPPSC RO ARO Exam Pattern 2022

First of all we are responsible for all of you information about RO ARO Exam Pattern 2021. Why as all of you would be a mother, to prepare for any exam, you need to know the syllabus and exam pattern!!

UPPSC RO ARO Preliminary Exam Pattern 2022

There are two papers in this UPPSC RO ARO Prelims exam – Paper I and Paper II : General Hindi with time duration of two hours and total marks 200.

S. No. Subject No. of Qs Marks Time Duration
Paper I General Studies 140 140 2 hours
Paper II General Hindi 60 60 1 hour

RO ARO Mains Exam Pattern :-

Subject No of Question Max Marks Time Duration
General Studies 120 120 2 Hours
General Hindi and Drafting Part – 1 (Conventional) 100 2 1/2 Hours
Part-2 General Vocabulary (Objective Type) 60 1/2 Hour
Hindi Essay 120 3 Hours

UPPSC RO ARO Special Book PDF Download

It is very difficult for the students preparing for the UPPSC Review Officer RO/ARO exam, preparing on the basis of Subjects! Needs many books to read. Keeping this in mind, you have brought UPPSC RO ARO Special Book PDF for all the students. Which you students can also do your preparation well by downloading RO ARO Books.

UPPSC RO ARO Previous Papers Pdf Download

For the students preparing for RO ARO Exam 2020, we have brought UPPSC RO-ARO Previous Year Solved Papers PDF in Hindi published by “Dhankar Publication”. Which all of you students should download. In which you will get previous years previous years paper.


Kiran SSC English Type Wise Solved Paper PDF

30 Days English speaking book pdf | English Speaking Course Book PDF for Free Download

Paramount Math PDF book Download for SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, Arithmetic Maths, Volume 1 & 2

SSC Advance Maths PDF | SSC Advance Maths for SSC CGL, CPO SI, CHSL and Other Competitive Exams 2022 – 23

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Download Dhankar Publication RO-ARO Previous Year Solved Papers
Pariksha Manthan RO ARO Solve Paper

Friends, let us tell all of you that all of you competitive students can now download the Pariksha Manthan RO ARO Book in PDF, prepared by “Pariksha Manthan”.

Pariksha Manthan RO ARO Previous Year Book UPPSC RO ARO Study Materials Notes PDF

You can download the notes on all the students (subjects based) for the RO / ARO exam through the links given below.

RO ARO History Notes
  • Ghatna Chakra History Book
  • Spectrum Part-1
  • Spectrum Part-2
  • Part-3 Spectrum
RO ARO General Studies


UPPSC RO ARO Geography Notes
  • Ghatna Chakra Geography Book
  • Mahesh Verma History Part-1
  • Mahesh Verma History Part-2
  • Geography Important Notes
  • Drishti IAS Geography Notes
Samiksha Adhikari Polity Notes Download Polity Notes Hindi
Samiksha Adhikari General Science Book
  • Biology Notes
  • Chemistry Notes
  • Physics Notes
  • SI Unit Notes PDF
  • What is Sound Waves in Hindi
RO ARO General Hindi Notes
UP Special Notes PDF Click to Download

Complete UPPSC RO ARO Book PDF 2022 Study Material

Uttar Pradesh Study Notes: UP Special

Sr. No. Topic English Link
1 UPPSC booklist and strategy Click Here
2 Ancient History of Uttar Pradesh Click Here
3 Medival History of Uttar Pradesh Click Here
4 Modern History of Uttar Pradesh Click Here
5 Geography of Uttar Pradesh Click Here
6 Forest and Wildlife of Uttar Pradesh Click Here
7 Soil, Rivers and Agriculture of UP Click Here
8 Important Parks, Museums and Places in UP Click Here
9 Art and Culture of Uttar Pradesh Click Here
10 Uttar Pradesh Budget (2020-21) Summary Click Here

General Hindi

Topics Notes Link 
संधि पर स्टडी नोट्स Click Here
अलंकार पर स्टडी नोट्स  Click Here
समास पर स्टडी नोट्स Click Here
छंद पर स्टडी नोट्स Click Here
वाक्य सुधार पर स्टडी नोट्स Click Here
रिक्त स्थान हल करने की युक्तियाँ एवं तरकीबें Click Here
मुहावरे पर स्टडी नोट्स Click Here
पर्यायवाची एवं विलोम शब्द पर स्टडी नोट्स Click Here
वर्तनी की त्रुटि पर स्टडी नोट्स Click Here
लोकोक्तियां पर स्टडी नोट्स Click Here
अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द पर स्टडी नोट्स Click Here
क्रमबद्धता की युक्तियाँ एवं तरकीबें Click Here
गद्यांश पर हिंदी भाषा के स्टडी नोट्स Click Here

Uttar Pradesh Study Material – History Notes 

Sr. No. Topic Link Quiz Link
1 Timeline of Indian History Click Here
2 Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) Click Here Click Here
3 Early Vedic Period (1500 BC – 1000 BC) Click Here Click Here
4 Later Vedic period (1000 BC – 500 BC) Click Here Click Here
5 Buddhism and Jainism Click Here Click Here
6 Mahajanapadas, Haryanka Dynasty, Shishunaga Dynasty, Nanda Dynasty Click Here
7 Mauryan Empire Click Here Click Here
8 Foreign Invasions in India Click Here Click Here
9 Kushana Rule Click Here
10 Gupta Empire Click Here Click Here
11 Sangam Period Click Here Click Here
12 Pallavas and Chalukyas Click Here Click Here
13 Palas, Pratiharas and Rashtrakutas Click Here Click Here
14 Rajputana Click Here Click Here
15 Vijayanagara and Bahamani Kingdoms Click Here Click Here
16 Sultanate of Delhi Part-1 Click Here Click Here
17 Sultanate of Delhi Part-2 Click Here Click Here
18 Mughal Empire Part-1 Click Here
19 Mughal Empire Part-2 Click Here
20 Mughal Empire Part-3 Click Here
21 Mughal Empire Part-4 Click Here
22 Bhakti and Sufi Movements Click Here
23 The arrival of Europeans in India Click Here
24 Peasant Uprisings Click Here
25 Tribal Revolts in India Click Here
26 Organizations Before INC Click Here
27 Governors-General and Viceroys of India Click Here
28 Indian National Movement Part-1 (1885-1905) Click Here
29 Indian National Movement Part-2(1905-1917) Click Here
30 Newspapers and Journals Click Here
31 Indian National Movement Part-3(1917-1947) Click Here
32 Education system during the British Rule Click Here
33 Revolutionary Movements Click Here
34 Development of Press during the British Rule Click Here
35 Post Independence Consolidation of India Click Here
36 Land Revenue System Click Here
37 Notes on Gandhi Click Here

UP Study Material  – Art and Culture Notes

S.No. Topic  Link Quiz Link
1 Indian monuments and their builders Click Here Click Here
2 Dances(Classical and folk) and Martial Arts Click Here
3 Paintings Click Here
4 Important Temples in India Click Here
5 Schools of Ancient Indian Philosophy Click Here
6 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Sites in India Click Here
7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Click Here
8 GI Tags Click Here
9 Theatre Forms, Musical Instrument, Puppetry Click Here
10 Architecture during Mughals Click Here
11 Delhi Sultanate Architecture Click Here
12 Ancient Indian Architecture Click Here

UP Study Material – Indian Polity Notes

S No. Topics Links Quiz Link
1 Important Articles of the Constitution Click Here
2 Evolution of the Constitution (Regulating Act, Charter Act, GOI Act) Click Here
3 Constituent Assembly & sources of the constitution Click Here
4 Preamble, Union and Its Territory, Citizenship Click Here
5 Fundamental Rights (FR) & Fundamental Duties (FD) Click Here
6 Directive Principles & State Policies (DPSP) Click Here
7 President of India Click here
8 Vice President of India Click Here
9 Parliament of India Click Here
10 Judiciary Notes Click Here
11 Constitutional Bodies Click Here
12 Non-Constitutional Bodies Click Here
13 Governor, Chief Minister and Council of Ministers Click Here
14 Lokpal and Lokayukta Act Click Here
15 Representation of People’s (RPA) Act Click Here
16 Basic Structure of the Constitution Click Here
17 Anti-Defection Law Click Here
18 Right to Information Act Click Here
19 Public Interest Litigation (PIL) Click Here
20 Political Philosophies Click Here
21 Important Amendments to the Constitution of India Click Here
22 Local Governance Click Here
23 Essential Commodities Act Click Here

UPPSC Study Material-Indian Economy Notes

S No. Topics English Link
1 Economic Planning in India Click here
2 National Income (GDP, GNP, NNP, Personal Income etc.) Click here
3 Price Indices in India (CPI, WPI, CPI-AL, CPI-RL etc.) Click here
4 RBI and its Monetary Policy Click here
5 Types of Unemployment Click Here
6 Inflation Click here
7 Poverty in India Click Here
8 History of Banking in India Click Here
9 Money Market- Banking System in India Click here
10 Capital Market Click here
11 Balance of Payment Click here
12 Introduction of Union Budget Click here
13 Microeconomics Notes: Economic Theory Click here
14 World Trade Organisation Click here
15 NITI Aayog and it’s Important Reports Click here
16 Role of International Labour Organization (ILO) in Social Security Click here
17 Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana Click here
18 Contribution of MGNREGA in Strengthening the Rural Economy Click here

UP Study Material- Geography Notes

S.No.  Topic  English Link
1 India and the Administrative Units; the States and Union Territories (Part I) Click Here
2 Physiography of India-1 (Himalayas, Northern Plains) Click Here
3 Physiography of India-2(Peninsular Plateau, Coastal Plains, Islands) Click Here
4 Drainage System in India Click Here
5 Soils and Agriculture in India Click Here
6 Important Lakes in India Click Here
7 Indian Climate Notes: Monsoon, El Nino Effect, Koeppen’s Classification Click Here
8 Natural Vegetation in India (Different type of forest in India) Click Here
9 Solar System Click Here
10 Census 2011 Click Here
11 Important Dams in India Click Here
12 Minerals in India Click Here
13 World Geography-1: Mountain Ranges, Peaks, Rivers, Lakes Click Here
14 World Geography-2: Desert, Trenches, Straits Click Here
15 World Geography: Ocean Currents, Volcanoes, Boundary Lines Between Countries Click Here
16 Interior Structure of the Earth Click Here
17 Landforms: Fluvial, Glacial, Karst, Coastal & Arid Click Here
18 Geomorphic Processes: Endogenic and Exogenic Process Click Here
19 Classification of Clouds Click Here
20 Climate: Introduction and factors affecting it Click Here
21 Important Tribes of India Click Here
22 Important Straits Click Here
23 Mediterranean Climate Click Here
24 Steppe Climate Click Here
25 Agriculture in India Click Here
26 Ozone Layer, Ozone Hole Recovery Click Here

UPPSC RO ARO Book PDF: Science & Technology Notes

General Science

S.No. Topic English Link
1 Biology, Chemistry, Physics Coming Soon
2 Scientific Laws and Theories Click Here
3 Diseases and its Affected Area Click Here

UP Study Material: Environment & Ecology Notes

S.no. Topic Link
1 Basic Terminology on Environment & Ecology Part-1 Click Here
2 Basic Terminology on Environment & Ecology Part-2 Click Here
3 Biodiversity Hotspots in India & World Click Here
4 Tiger Reserves in India Click Here
5 Biosphere Reserves in India Click Here
6 National Parks Click Here
7 Ramsar Wetlands Click Here
8 Environmental Conventions and Protocols Click Here
9 Coral Reefs: Introduction, Types, Formation, Locations Click Here
10 List of Environmental Organization in India Click Here
11 What is Acid Rain: Causes, Effects, Solutions? Click Here
12 Ozone Depletion: Causes, Effects, Solutions Click Here
13 Ocean Acidification: Introduction, Causes, Effects and Solutions Click Here
14 Environment Pollution: Types, Causes, Effects Click Here
15 Biogeochemical Cycles Click Here
16 Climate Change Click Here
17 E-waste Management in India Click Here
18 Solid Waste Management in India Click Here

UPPSC RO ARO Book PDF : Miscellaneous Notes

1 Important facts about India Part-1 Click Here
2 Important facts about India Part-2 Click Here
3 List of nicknames of Indian Cities Click Here
4 List of Important Indian Cities on Riverbanks Click Here
5 Famous Sports Personalities in India Click Here
6 International Organisations Notes Click Here
7 Government Schemes: Ministry of Finance Click Here
8 National Symbols of India Click Here
9 Tricks to Remember Wildlife Sanctuaries Click Here

UPPSC RO ARO Book PDF Download

Note : Hope all the Competitor RO AROs to have “UPPSC RO ARO Special Book PDF: Review Officer RO/ARO Features” reactive response to your exam. Friends who contacted you: Shashrey! and writer department


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