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(Last Updated On: October 23, 2022)

English speaking book pdf  English Speaking Course Book PDF for Free Download. The ability to speak English will be a great blessing in your life. English skills can improve your daily life, help you pursue educational opportunities, lead to better employment, and expand your circle of friends and acquaintances. We are sharing download links of two English speaking course books for self study. Systematic learning is the key to achieving your goal of learning English in 30 days.

English Speaking Course Book PDF Contents :-

Lesson 1: English Sentences
Lesson 2: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 3: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 4: Pronunciation Lesson
Lesson 5: Review Lesson
Lesson 6: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 7: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 8: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 9: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 10: Pronunciation Lesson
Lesson 11: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 12: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 13: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 14: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 15: Pronunciation Lesson
Lesson 16: Exercise Lesson

Extract from the English Learn English in 30 days book

Hello. (Hello.) ls1ab.mp3
How are you? (How are you?)
Fine. (Fine.)
Fine, thank you. (Fine, thank you.)
Okay, thanks. (Okay, thanks.)
Good morning. (Good morning.)
Good afternoon. (Good afternoon.)
Good evening. (Good evening.)
Excuse me. (Excuse me.)
What time is it? (What time is it?)
It is 2 o’clock. (It is 2 o’clock.)
Thank you. (Thank you.)
My name is John. (My name is John.)
What is your name? (What is your name?)
Do you live here? (Do you live here?)
Yes, I live here. (Yes, I live here.)
Do you speak English? (Do you speak English?)
I speak a little English. (I speak a little English.)
Have you lived here long? (Have you lived here long?)
I have lived here two years. (I have lived here two years.)
Thank you. (Thank you.)
Goodbye. (Goodbye.)

Download English Speaking Course Book PDF

Book Name : Spoken English – Learn Quickly

Type : ebook – English speaking course for self study
Language : English
Number of PDF Pages : 436
Quality of Book : Very good

Download English Spoken Book PDF from the below google drive link

Lean Speaking English Book PDF Free Download

Book Name : Learn English Now

This book will help English learners during their English learning course. It includes activities and helpful resources for each lesson. It is important that you practice English.

English language
Type : EBook – English Course
Number of PDF Pages : 357

Download: Learn to Speak English

Disclaimer: We are not the owner of 30 Days English Speaking Course Book Free Download PDF. Google Drive download links are shared for self study and English learning purpose.

English Speaking Course Book in HindiPDF Download English speaking


English Speaking Course Book PDF in Hindi

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English Speaking Course Book PDF Recommended

Students in this 30 Days English Speaking Course Book Pdf Free Download, Super Fast English Speaking Book Pdf Free Download you can learn English Speaking as well as English Pronunciation, English Conversation etc very easily, we can say in a way that This is an English one too. Grammar book pdf. Spoken English book students, office or housewife work from home, or you are private/govt. If you work in the institute then you have difficulty in speaking or understanding English there. Anyway, knowledge of English is the demand of today’s time.

30 Days English speaking book pdf

English Speaking Course Book is in Hindi, which you can read and by learning English speaking, writing and reading, you can move ahead in any office or job. How to Learn English Fast Speaking is also very helpful for those students who are engaged in the preparation of competitive exams. If you do not know how to write, read or speak English then you can learn through this speaking course and if you read this book properly then you can learn to speak English super fast.

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If you are a housewife and you are teaching your children in English medium or giving tuition to children, then this 60 Days English Speaking Course Book PDF Book is very special for you, which you can download and read and learn English I can improve my English knowledge. , By downloading English Speaking or Spoken Course PDF, you can prepare for all the topics written in it. Let us know what is given in Spoken English Grammar PDF:-

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English Speaking Course pdf Free Download

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spoken english book pdf से सम्बंधित अन्य notes and study material हम आपको इसी लेख में उलब्ध करते रहेंगे इसलिए आप इस पेज को bookmark कर लें एवं समय समय पर इसे देखते रहें |

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