Uttarakhand TET Books Study Materials (UTET) Paper I and Paper II 2021-22

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2021)

Uttarakhand TET Books Study Materials (UTET) Paper I and Paper II.

Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test Uttarakhand TET Books Study Material (UTET) Paper I & Paper II

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We have prepared a Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) question bank for all the states of India. For both Primary Class I-V and Upper Primary Class VI-VIII teacher posts

Content of TET Question Bank  By JbigDeaL

Subjects No. Question & Answers (MCQs) MCQ  Written In Language
1.Child Development & Pedagogy 450 English
2. Mathematics 300 English
3. Environmental Studies 250 English
4. Science 250 English
5. Social Studies 300 English
6. Language I (English)** 400 English
7. Language II (Hindi)** 350 Hindi
TOTAL 2300 Question Answers


As per TET syllabus, teaching pedagogy or teaching method part has also been added in question answers in both Hindi and English languages.

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  • Completely original question.
  • 100% Uttarakhand TET Syllabus Wise Question Answer
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  • There are 3 types of questions Difficult, Moderate and Easy for both Paper I and II UTET

UTET Preparation Books 2021: Best Books for Paper I & II, Expert Tips

UTET Preparation Books are of great importance for all the candidates who are willing to appear in the UTET exam. Candidates must refer to the UTET preparation books suggested by experts to improve their chances of scoring high marks in the exam. Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test (UTET) conducted by the Uttarakhand Board of Secondary Education (UBSE) requires a huge amount of preparation.

There are many books UTET aspirants can buy to help them study effectively for the exam. Candidates must go through the official syllabus for the exam and only then go for any UTET book. These best books for UTET exam will greatly increase their chances of cracking the exam. Some key points a candidate must remember while buying UTET Preparation Books are:

  • Candidate must do enough research before buying the books for UTET exam. They should make sure that they are buying the best books before buying any particular subject.
  • The candidate must ensure that the books cover all the subjects and sub-topics for which they have purchased the book. If this is not the case, they will have to buy separate books for the subjects on which this book was not covered.
  • Candidates should download UTET books only from trusted websites. Candidates can also check UTET books online.
  • Candidates should also buy books containing solved papers of previous years. It will be especially helpful for the students to understand the exam pattern, type of questions and time management required.
  • Candidates must make sure to stay updated with current affairs and world events by referring to newspapers, magazines, online articles etc.

Only after having a preparation strategy candidates will be able to score equal to or more than the cut off marks. This preparation strategy should consist of expert suggested UTET books, mock tests and previous years question papers.

UTET Exam Books 2021

A huge number of UTET exam books are available for the selection of the candidates. Candidates should research about different books and subjects and shortlist the best for different subjects. You can also check UTET books online with convenience. Here are the most popular UTET preparation books recommended by experts:

Top Books for UTET Paper I and Paper II

Subject/Topic Name of the Book Author Description
Child Development and Pedagogy CTET and TETs Child Development and Pedagogy Arihant Experts This book covers all the required topics under Child Development and Pedagogy for all TET exams, including UTET.
English Language Objective General English S P Bakshi Covers all the required topics under English language to prepare the candidate for this subject.
Hindi Language Samanya Hindi Onkaar Nath Verma Covers all the relevant topics about Hindi language and grammar.
Mathematics Ganit (Class I – V) or (Class VI – VIII) Om Prakash and Ravikant Aggarwal Covers all the required topics under mathematics for UTET to prepare the candidates effectively.
Environmental Studies CTETs and TETs Environmental Studies & Pedagogy Arihant Experts Covers the topics under Environmental Studies for Paper I along with topics of Pedagogy.
Science UTET Paper II Maths and Science Arihant Experts Covers the required information under the Science subject of UTET Paper II along with maths.
Social Studies UTET Paper II Social Science Arihant Experts Covers the Social Science subject in UTET Paper II.

UTET Syllabus & Exam Pattern – Check Here

UTET Exam 2021: Preparation Tips

In order to improve their chances of securing the desired marks in UTET Exam 2021, candidates need to prepare their preparation strategy. Here are some important tips to help candidates improve their chances of scoring high marks in the exam.

  • Preparation Time:- Candidate must study for 5-6 hours a day to stay on top of their preparation schedule. Ideally, the candidate should start the preparation at least 3 – 4 months before the exam date.
  • Mock Tests:- Candidates must keep one day at the end of the week to practice mock tests. This will help them revise the concepts studied earlier in the week and enhance their time management skills.
  • Reading:- Whenever candidates get tired of reading and studying books, they can refer different online articles to gain additional knowledge and stay updated about current affairs.
  • Rest:- It is important that the candidate gets enough sleep, eats well, and takes regular breaks. They can take a day off from studies on Sundays.

UTET Answer Key – Check Here

If you are preparing for the exam then you can download the UTET Exam Previous Year Question Papers from here!

To improve your chances of scoring high marks in UTET Exam 2021, make use of the best learning resources. Download Testbook App now and take your preparation strategy to the next level.

UTET Preparation Books 2021 FAQs of Uttarakhand TET Books Study Materials

When is the UTET exam going to be conducted?

The exam is scheduled to be held on 26 November 2021.

Is it important to read previous years papers to prepare for UTET exam 2021?
Yes this is it. It will give you an idea about the type of questions and time management skills required for the exam.

Should I buy subject-wise books or are there UTET preparation books that cover the entire syllabus of the exam in one book?
There are books that cover the entire UTET syllabus within that one book. You can also buy that one book but the information will not be as detailed as it is in subject wise books.

Is the UTET exam going to be tough?
If you are suitably prepared for the exam, it will not be too difficult for you. Refer the best study material and prepare well to score high marks in the exam.

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