The Hindu Vocabulary 24 November 2021

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The Hindu Vocabulary 24 November 2021

The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 24 November 2021 is from the Editorial titled ‘Falling short: On data protection provisos’.


Word of The Hindu Vocabulary 24 November 2021 Part of Speech Meaning of The Hindu Vocabulary 24 November 2021 Synonyms Antonyms Example
Leeway Noun Room to move


Extent, Headway, Margin, Play, Space There is no leeway for us in the hostel.
Scrutinise Verb Examine closely

(अनुसंधान करना)

Analyze, Check, Watch, Consider, Dissect Forget, Neglect, Misunderstand, Ignore The inspection team scrutinised the sample very carefully.
Dissent Verb Disagree


Balk, Contradict, Demur, Differ Accept, Agree, Join, Consent, Approve Rahul dissented on buying a new car that it was not necessary.
Divergence Noun Difference


Discrepancy, Disparity, Distinction, Diversity Sameness, Similarity, Uniformity, Conformity There is a divergence of attitude within the family.
Exempt Verb Relieve

(मुक्त करें)

Excuse, Exonerate, Free, Spare Incarcerate, Keep, Hold, Blame He was exempted from undergoing tests at the airport.
Susceptible Adjective Exposed


Affected, Easy, Impressionable, Inclined Insensitive, Unresponsive, Resistant, Unlikely The patients with COVID-19 are susceptible to other infections.
Viable Adjective Reasonable


Applicable, Feasible, Usable, Workable Impossible, Unlikely, Unfeasible, Unachievable The doctor gave me viable options for surgery.
Precise Adjective Accurate


Actual, Exact, Correct, Rigid Ambiguous, Flexible, Imprecise, Improper The speech was precise and to the point.
Append Verb Add (something) as an attachment or supplement.


Affix, Adjoin, Annex, Attach Detach, Unfasten, Disconnect, Subtract The results were appended to the chapter.
Conformance Noun Agreement


Accord, Compliance, Conformation, Coherence Denial, Difference, Dissension, Fight, Discord The rules framed by the government are in conformance to international standards.


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