The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 30 November 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 30th November 2021

Having a good command of vocabulary will help you to crack many competitive exams. So here we bring to you The Hindu Vocab on a daily basis to increase vocabulary power and help you prepare for exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC and other government exams.

‘Glossary’ hard

Meaning:   (of terms, requirements or conditions) strict, precise and precise (link to link)

Synonyms: hard, harsh, harsh

Antonyms: flexible, loose, loose

Sentence: Consultations are planned on more stringent rules before the end of the year.


Meaning: To show or show insensitive and cruel disregard to others. (hard)

Synonyms: heartless, ruthless, careless

Antonyms: kind, kind, affectionate

Sentence: His harsh remarks about the murder left me stunned

weakness (noun)

Meaning: physical weakness, especially as a result of illness. (weakness)

Synonyms: weakness, weakness, exhaustion

Antonyms: strength, hardness, sturdiness

Sentence: He had to face repeated sufferings of both physical and mental infirmities throughout his life.

Forsake (verb)

Meaning: To leave. (discard)

Synonyms: give up, reject, give up

Antonyms: allow, continue, keep

Sentence: He will not give up his duty, he said and he got up

gouache (n.)

Meaning: lacking comfort or grace. (Clumsy)

Synonyms: weird, elegant, graceless

Antonyms: beautiful, elegant, urban

Sentence: Ruffled Cupcakes It would be a little awkward waking up with a baby dressed in a pink dress.

kinky (n.)

Meaning: knotted (complicated)

Synonyms: complicated, complicated, difficult

Antonyms: Simple, Simple, Easy

Sentence: After going for a swim, the girl’s hair was always tangled and difficult to comb.

arrogant (adj.)

Meaning: superior to arrogance and contemptuous. (Proud)

Synonyms: arrogant, arrogant, arrogant

Antonyms: shy, polite, polite

Sentence: There was a soft tone in the arrogant woman’s voice.

Nullify (verb)

Meaning: Invalid. (irregularity)

Synonyms: nullify, nullify, defeat

Antonyms: to cancel, approve, validate

Sentence: The goal of the discussion was to repeal the Tariff Act of 1832.

overt (verb)

Meaning: done or shown openly. (Revealed)

Synonyms: public, open, clear

Antonyms: private, secret, uncertain

Sentence: U.S. The law has been struck down by the Supreme Court.

extremist (adj.)

Meaning: relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something. (Original)

Synonyms: original, original, original

Antonyms: unimportant, secondary, non-essential

Sentence: New South Wales has undergone five radical changes since 1870


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