The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 24 June 2022

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2022)

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 24 June 2022

Word/Phrase Part of Speech/Idiom Meaning Synonyms Antonyms Example
Narrative Adjective In the form of story; chronological



Fictional, Narrated, Historical, Reported Rambling The author’s narrative style helped him win the literary award.
Noun Story


Account, Anecdote, Fiction, Chronicle You need a strong narrative to cover up your misdeeds.
Poise Verb To hold steadily or in equilibrium.

(सन्तुलन करना)

Hover, Hold, Wait, Brood Reject, Drop, Refuse, Release He learned to poise the earthen pots on his head.
Noun A stable and balanced state of equilibrium.


Aplomb, Calmness, Equanimity, Grace Agitation, Confusion, Tactlessness, Imbalance There is a lack of poise between the political parties in Maharashtra.
Significance Noun The quality of being worthy of attention; importance.


Importance, Noteworthiness, Seriousness, Obviousness, Matter, Relevance Insignificance, Disregard, Disrespect, Imperfection, Weakness I understood the significance of the post after I assumed it.
Elevation Noun Promotion; Altitude of a place above sea level

(पदोन्नति; ऊंचाई)

Boost, Eminence, Raise, Advancement Decrease, Demotion, Disdain The elevation of the mountain increased by 2 metres within a century.
Pronounce Verb Declare or announce, typically formally or solemnly.

(घोषणा करना)

Announce, Proclaim, Rule, Decree, Ordain, Adjudicate, Affirm Conceal, Hide, Mumble Mr. Bhatia refrained from pronouncing his next successor.
Remarkable Adjective Worthy of attention


Exceptional, Important, Impressive, Miraculous, Momentous, Notable Average, Bad, Common, Familiar, Normal, Ordinary He was conferred with the prestigious award for his remarkable research in the field of medicine.
Testimony Noun A formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law.


Affidavit, Demonstration, Witness, Deposition Denial, Opposition, Veto Professor William was not willing to give testimony against his student.
Notwithstanding Preposition In spite of.

(भले ही)

Nevertheless, Nonetheless, Withal, After all Notwithstanding the new evaluation method, many students failed.
Conjunction In spite of the fact that.


Although Sheena could not crack the PCS exam, notwithstanding she has been a topper.
Subaltern Adjective Of lower status

(सब से नीचा)

Subordinate, Inferior Superior The people belonging to subaltern areas need not come close to the King.
Aboriginal Adjective Inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists.


Indigenous, Native, Earliest, Original, Initial, Primordial Modern, New, Foreign The aboriginal leader decided to contest local elections.
Sustain Verb Strengthen or support physically or mentally.


(बनाए रखना)

Assist, Bolster, Continue, Feel, Suffer, Undergo, Withstand Surrender, Evade, Stop, Hinder, Obstruct, Discourage, Condemn He cannot sustain the strong cold winds blowing outside.
Incorporate Verb take in or contain (something) as part of a whole; include/ Constitute (a company, city, or other organization) as a legal corporation.

(शामिल करना/ निगमित करना)

Assimilate, Consolidate, Cover, Embody, Fuse, Merge, Organise Disconnect, Part, Disperse, Divide, Exclude The government must frame policies to incorporate the tribal communities socially and politically.
Relentless Adjective Remaining strict or determined


Determined, Dogged, Ferocious, Harsh Compassionate, Easy, Gentle, Flexible His relentless efforts led him to launch his own music album.
Critic Noun A person who expresses an unfavorable opinion of something.


Faultfinder, Detractor, Expert, Reviewer, Judge Amateur, Complimenter He has been a strong critic of romantic novels.
Ideological Adjective Relating to ideology.


Doctrinaire, Ideation, Quixotic, Visionary, Abstract, Cerebral, Imaginative, Analytical Latitudinarian, Practical, Unsentimental, Broadminded The ideological struggle between the two groups led to the formation of the Hinayana and Mahayana sects.
Radical Noun A person who holds or follows strong convictions or extreme principles


Agitator, Anarchist, Extremist, Fanatic, Insurgent Conservative, Moderate The radical leaders were arrested before they could plan a raging protest.
Starkly Adverb In a way that is harsh and blunt.

(परस्पर विरोधी)

Blunt, Simple, Abrupt, Arrant Clothed, Hidden, Complex, Covered His bidding contrasted with my interest starkly.
Adrift Adverb So as to float without being either moored or steered.

(भटकते हुए)

Afloat, Loose, Drifting, Unanchored Anchored, Determined, Stable, Purposeful The boat went adrift and was found at the other end of the lake.
Ensconce Verb Conceal

(स्थापित करना/ छिपाना)

Shelter, Establish, Settle, Stash, Cover, Bury Depart, Destroy, Disorganise, Forget, Leave, Move Some people do not want to ensconce from their cocoon.
Inclusive Adjective Including or covering all the services, facilities, or items normally expected or required.


Broad, Comprehensive, All together, Full Exclusive, Incomprehensive, Narrow The price of the book is inclusive of GST.
Pursuit Noun The action of pursuing someone or something.


Chasing, Pursuing, Stalking, Tracking, Trailing Ignoring, Avoiding, Letting go, Denying The pursuit of becoming the Prime Minister has led him to betray his own party.
Exclusivist Noun The practice of excluding


    One should not promote exclusivist views.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 23 June 2022

Difficult Word/ Phrase Contextual Sense
Expediency providing an easy and quick way to do something
Fraught causing or having extreme worry or anxiety
Invalidation a formal termination
Strike down abolish a law or regulation
Earmark to designate (something, such as funds) for a specific use or owner
Denude to deprive of something important
Hindrance Any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome
Impending Close in time; about to occur
Restive Being in a tense state
Ally someone who helps and supports someone else

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 22 June 2022

Difficult Word/ Phrase Contextual Sense
clear the decks prepare for an event or course of action by dealing with anything that might hinder progress
Cater Give what is desired or needed
Vanguard the leading position in any movement or field
Underscore Give extra weight to (a communication)
Laudable Worthy of high praise
Perceptible Easily seen or detected
Staggered arranged so that they do not all happen at the same time
Shrink Reduce in size
Duopoly State of market dominance by two companies
Viability Capable of being done in a practical and useful way
Bank Have faith or confidence in
Roll out officially launch or introduce a new product or service
Confines Limits
Roil to move or proceed turbulently
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