LIC Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 Good Returns

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2023)

LIC Share Price Target: Friends, today we are going to talk about LIC Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030, today we will try to know in which direction the performance of this giant government companies associated with the insurance sector can be seen going. coming year. Due to the strong dominance of LIC in the entire insurance sector market, many investors are looking at the company expecting huge growth in the times to come.

Today, we will thoroughly analyze the business of LICI as well as look at the future business opportunities of the company, which will give us an idea of how far Life Insurance Corporation of India LIC Share Price Target is going to go up. Will see In the coming years. Can we analyze in detail-

LIC share price target 2023

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) appears to be one of the largest companies in India’s insurance sector with a market share of around 62 percent. Talking about the strength of LIC’s insurance business, its strong brand name, if a customer has to sell a policy, then the name of the company is enough because LIC increases the trust of the customer, which helps a lot. To grow business fast.

After LIP brings its IPO, gradually the company’s focus is going to increase on maximum profit. Earlier, the company which used to earn profit, used to share it mostly with the policyholder, but in the coming time, its amount is going to be very less and the maximum profit is going to remain within the company, due to which there will be more problems in the business of LIC in the coming days. Will come You are definitely going to see the boom.

With the trading going up sharply in the coming days, you will see the first target going around Rs 900, which is giving great returns till 2023 LIC share price target 2023. As soon as this target is hit, you can soon see another target of Rs 1000.

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LIC share price target 2024

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has India’s largest and strongest distribution network with more than 13 lakh LIC agents spread across the country, who are engaged in selling policies every day. Having such a large strong distribution agent network, the company has been able to sell the highest number of policies every year as compared to other companies in the private insurance sector.

The company has been able to expand its business to every small rural area in India with the help of its strong agent network. If we talk about rural areas, LIC sells about 71 percent of all the policies sold there, this shows how strong the company’s network is in every region of India.

LIC Share Price Target 2024 shows strong growth in the business due to the ever-growing agent network and the first target can be seen showing Rs 1300. After that the second target can be of profit of Rs.1400.

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LIC share price target 2025

LIC always covers the life cycle of the customer and provides all types of insurance of different categories as per the requirement of the customer. With the company’s 32 products in individual insurance, 11 products in group insurance and 7 products in riders, LIC has been able to target the market of customers across age groups with great ease. LIC has been able to maintain its leadership position in every segment till date due to providing superior service to the customer in every product category.

Along with this, LIC is seen launching different types of new plans from time to time in each of its business segments to increase its market share and provide better facilities to the customers. In the coming time also, as LIC will be seen launching new policies in the market to increase its business, you will see a very good growth in the business.

Considering the growing business of the company, LIC share price target 2025 will give very good returns and you can see the first target showing Rs 1800. And then you can definitely think of keeping a second target of Rs 1900 for the second target.

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LIC share price target 2026

Nowadays everyone is slowly preferring to buy insurance online whether it is investment or insurance, if you want to maintain your dominance in the insurance sector in times to come then you definitely have to increase your presence online. Currently LIC’s presence in online is very less visible than rest of the competitors in the insurance sector, that’s why other competitors are now taking advantage of the growing growth in the online segment.

LIC’s management says that gradually the company is also trying its best to increase its online presence. In the coming days, if LIC is seen increasing its presence in online, then the company will definitely see its advantage in the online segment as its brand value is already strong in the offline market.

As the company looks to expand its presence online, LIC Share Price Target 2026 will witness strong upside growth with the first target seen being Rs 2250. After that the second target can be Rs.2400.

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LIC share price target 2030

As you will see in whole insurance sector of India for a long time there is a huge opportunity for growth yet India is far behind in insurance sector as compared to other developed countries the kind of population density is seen in this country. Because of this, there is a big opportunity for the companies associated with this sector to increase their business in the coming times. If analysts are to be believed, the Indian insurance market is expected to show a growth of around 16 to 17 percent in the coming years.

Due to increasing income of people and increasing awareness among people about insurance, gradually people are seen buying more and more insurance plans, due to which the market share of insurance is increasing rapidly. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), being the strongest and most trusted company in this sector, is going to get the maximum benefit of this growing growth.

LIC Share Price Target By 2030 Looking at the growth opportunity in the business in the long run, the share price is most likely to move around Rs 4500, giving very good returns to the shareholder.

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LIC Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Year LIC Share Price Target
First Target 2023 Rs 900
Second Target 2023 Rs 1000
First Target 2024 Rs 1300
Second Target 2024 Rs 1400
First Target 2025 Rs 1800
Second Target 2025 Rs 1900
First Target 2026 Rs 2250
First Target 2026 Rs 2400
Target 2030 6000
LIC Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

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life insurance corporation of india lic stock future

Looking at the future of LIC’s business, keeping in mind the rapidly growing opportunities in the insurance sector, the company may gradually increase its focus on digitization of its business in the times to come, due to which LIC’s business will grow. In the coming times, business can be seen running very fast.

The Government of India also seems to be doing more and more publicity under the new scheme to promote the insurance sector, as well as people are also starting to understand that insurance is a better way of managing their risk, due to which the insurance sector is flourishing. Is. In the coming time also, the market is witnessing a steady growth.

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Life Insurance Corporation of India LIC Share Risk

If we look at the biggest risk in LIC’s business, for a long time the company seems to be continuously losing its market share. Where in 2001, LIC’s market share used to be around 95 percent, but now it has remained around 62 percent by 2022 and it is clearly visible in the coming times that in the coming times, LIC will lose its market to private companies. Shares may be lost. Year too. Yes, if the company fails to save its market share at the right time, then you may see a huge decline in the business.

Talking about the second risk, since LIC is a government company, you will definitely see its effect in the future, many times the government uses LIC’s money to save other companies, which affects the growth of the company. Its effects are going to be seen in the coming times.

my opinion:-

There is no doubt that the insurance sector market is going to grow very fast in the coming times, in the coming times, LIC, the strongest and most reliable company in this sector, will definitely be seen taking advantage of it. But along with growth, LIC share also involves a lot of risk, so before taking any investment decision do do your own company analysis or take advice from your financial advisor.

LIC Share Price Target (FAQ)

How will LIC share be in future?

With LIC being a strong brand in the insurance sector, the company can take advantage of ever-increasing opportunities in the times to come, as the business will be seen growing in the future, LIC stock is also going to give good returns to the shareholder.

– Will it be right to invest in LIC shares for short term?

LIC stock may see a lot of volatility in the short term, but in the long term, it has the potential to provide very good stable returns to the shareholder.

Who is the Managing Director of LIC?

BC Patnaik is currently serving as the Managing Director of LIC.

I hope after reading the article LIC Share Price Targets 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030, you must have got a better idea of where the growth of the company can be seen in the coming years. If you still have any question related to this post or have any suggestion for us then do not forget to mention in the comment section. For detailed information about this type of stock related to the stock market, you must read our other post as well.

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