Good Friday 2023: Date, History, Significance, Why We Celebrate?

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When is Good Friday 2023: According to the Gregorian calendar, Good Friday is a major festival of the Christian community which usually falls in the month of April every year. It is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified in Roman Calvary, where he later died. Fasting on this day and attending church services are some of the famous practices related to this day. This day is actually a mourning day after the death of Jesus Christ. Important details related to Good Friday 2023Good Friday 2023: Date, History, Significance, Why We Celebrate? like importance, upcoming date, observance etc. have been discussed in this article. This year Good Friday is falling on April 15, 2022. Keep reading to know more.

Good Friday 2023 is being celebrated by Christians on 7 April 2023, while Easter Sunday will fall on 9 April 2023. Good Friday 2023 is also popular as Holy Friday.

Good Friday 2023

Day Good Friday 2023
Also popular as Great Friday, Holy Friday,  Great and Holy Friday, Black Friday, Holy and Great Friday
Observed by Christians
Good Friday 2022 Date
7th April 2023
Easter Sunday 9th April 2023

Some churches, especially those in Mexico and Belgium, are covered in black or dark colors. In Jerusalem, which is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus, Christians follow the same path that led to Jesus being crucified (sometimes of the same weight) as Jesus. Selling alcohol is prohibited in Ireland on this day.

Date for Good Friday in 2023

The date of Good Friday varies from one year to the next on both the Gregorian and Julian calendars. Easter falls on the first Sunday after the Pascal full moon, calculated using the Gregorian calendar, and the Friday before Easter is celebrated as Good Friday. In the coming year 2022, Good Friday 2022 will be celebrated on 15th April. In many countries including India, Good Friday is celebrated as a public holiday and all government offices are closed on this day.

In India, people of Christianity go to church to pay respect to God. The day is observed as a national holiday for most government offices, IT firms, stock exchanges and banks. It is a public holiday for people living in Daman and Diu as well as Dadra and Nagar Haveli as per the direction of Bombay High Court. In some places, parades are organized in the memory of Jesus. Christianity-based religious events are common.

Good Friday is a gloomy day throughout the “Holy Week” and is not celebrated with fairs and events. It is a day when Christians gather to remember and honor the sacrifice of Jesus.

Festivities Of Good Friday

  • People cover statues, crosses and pictures with black clothes.
  • Attend the church and offer prayers.
  • Every Christian takes part in the Holy Communion.
  • People sing hymns and prayers.

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Symbols Of Good Friday

Good Friday is celebrated to commemorate the death, passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The most important symbol of Good Friday is the cross, which represents the manner in which Jesus Christ died. Some crosses have the figure of Jesus Christ. Other symbols of Good Friday include the black cloth used to cover crosses, paintings and statues in churches. In addition, some people create a plain appearance in churches and homes by removing all the flowers.

Importance of good Friday 2023

Good Friday 2022 is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians around the world and is a part of Holy Week. It is a day of mourning because Jesus died for the sins of his children, people, so that their sins would be forgiven and they would be freed from the pain and suffering of their lives. It also means that with the death of Jesus, after all the sins of all evil deeds are gone, a new hope of life will arise on the day of Jesus’ resurrection i.e. Easter.

Good Friday 2023-2026

Day Holiday Week number Holiday type
Friday, 07 April 2023 Good Friday 2023 14 Gazetted Holiday
Friday, 29 March 2024 Good Friday 2024 13 Gazetted Holiday
Friday, 18 April 2025 Good Friday 2025 16 Gazetted Holiday
Friday, 03 April 2026 Good Friday 2026 14 Gazetted Holiday

Good Friday 2022 Practices

Although there is no traditional celebration associated with this festival, many people fast and offer prayers in churches on Good Friday. On Good Friday 2022, people mourn the death of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. Good Friday and Holy Saturday, which is the following Saturday, are the days of mourning for the death of Jesus Christ before he rose from the dead. The day Jesus rose from the dead is celebrated as Easter Sunday or simply Easter. The Thursday before Good Friday is Maundy Thursday, which commemorates the Last Supper that Jesus had before his crucifixion. The great three-hour torment service is also held in some churches from noon to 3 p.m. This time period is considered a dark period after the death of Jesus.

Best Destinations in India to spend Good Friday Holidays 2023

  • Goa: Goa represents a very rich Christian culture with many churches. As you might guess, Easter is a big deal in the beach paradise with processions organized by every single church.
  • Mumbai: Low-key celebrations take place in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. The city’s churches hold prayers and congregational prayers to honor the festival of Easter.
  • Vizag: Anglo-Indian community in Vizag City, a port city, celebrates the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Community hotspots like Gyanpuram and Soldierpet are the best places to visit.
  • Kochi: Churches in the city of Kochi hold services to honor the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Shops will offer the Easter Bunny and gifts while hotels will offer special Easter Sunday meals.
  • Aizawl: Aizawl is the capital of Mizoram. There are a large number of Christians in the city. The city churches organize special prayers and worship on this day.

Good Friday 2023 and related festivals

The week before Easter 2022 is called Holy Week and all days of the week are observed as holy days. The names of these days are as follows – Palm Sunday, Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, Spy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, of which Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the most important days. Check out more details related to these festivals below.

  • Maundy  Thursday – Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, is the fifth day of Holy Week. The day commemorates the washing of feet (maundy) with the apostles and the Last Supper of Jesus Christ. It is preceded by Holy Wednesday and is followed by Good Friday. In India, it is customary to visit fourteen churches on Maundi on Thursday evenings.
  • Good Friday 2023– Good Friday marks the day Jesus was crucified and later died at Calvary. This day is celebrated as the sixth day of Holy Week and is also a part of the Paschal Triduum. Good Friday also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday or Black Friday, Good Friday is a gazetted holiday in many countries of the world including India.
  • Holy Saturday – Holy Saturday, also known as the Great Sabbath or Hallelujah Saturday, is the last day of Holy Week. It falls between Good Friday and Easter Sunday and is a day of mourning over the death of Jesus. Preparations for Easter Sunday begin on the day of Holy Saturday.
  • Easter Sunday- Also known as Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, Easter is a Christian festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is believed that Jesus rose on Easter Sunday, the third day after his death and burial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: When is Good Friday 2022?

Answer: Good Friday 2022 is being celebrated on 15th April, 2022.

Question 2: When is Easter Sunday 2022?

Answer: Easter Sunday will be celebrated on April 17 in 2022.

Question 3: What happened to Jesus on Good Friday?

Answer: On this day Christ was crucified at Calvary.

Question 4: Why do we celebrate Good Friday 2022?

Answer: Because Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion, passion and death of Jesus Christ.

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