The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 23 June 2022

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2022)

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 23 June 2022

Difficult Word/ Phrase Contextual Sense
Expediency providing an easy and quick way to do something
Fraught causing or having extreme worry or anxiety
Invalidation a formal termination
Strike down abolish a law or regulation
Earmark to designate (something, such as funds) for a specific use or owner
Denude to deprive of something important
Hindrance Any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome
Impending Close in time; about to occur
Restive Being in a tense state
Ally someone who helps and supports someone else

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 22 June 2022

Difficult Word/ Phrase Contextual Sense
clear the decks prepare for an event or course of action by dealing with anything that might hinder progress
Cater Give what is desired or needed
Vanguard the leading position in any movement or field
Underscore Give extra weight to (a communication)
Laudable Worthy of high praise
Perceptible Easily seen or detected
Staggered arranged so that they do not all happen at the same time
Shrink Reduce in size
Duopoly State of market dominance by two companies
Viability Capable of being done in a practical and useful way
Bank Have faith or confidence in
Roll out officially launch or introduce a new product or service
Confines Limits
Roil to move or proceed turbulently


Word Part of Speech Meaning Synonyms Antonyms Example
Portability Noun the ability to be easily carried or moved


Flexibility, Movability, Transportability, Adjustability Immovability, Fixed The government must ensure the portability of pensions.
Haul Verb propel or pull oneself with difficulty.


Drag, Heave, Lift, Tow Drop, Push, Keep, Lower Sanuj hauled his car out of the pool.
Presumably Adverb used to convey that what is asserted is very likely though not known for certain.


Apparently, Doubtless, Probably, Seemingly Improbably, Uncertain, Questionably, Unlikely It is not yet 8 o’clock, so presumably, he is still at the meeting.
Convenient Adjective Fitting in well with a person’s needs, activities, and plans. (सुविधाजनक) Available, Agreeable, Available, Beneficial Bad, Disadvantageous, Disagreeable, Harmful What date would be convenient for you to get married?
Snazzy Adjective Stylish

(अत्यधिक आकर्षित)

Classy, Nifty, Flashy, Trendy Old fashioned, Plain, Unstylish, Inelegant I will definitely buy this snazzy silk dress for my engagement.
Insurmountable Adjective Impossible (दुर्गम) Hopeless, Impassable, Invincible, Unbeatable Beatable, Defeatable, Surmountable, Attainable The task seems to be insurmountable.
Manifold Adjective Abundant


Assorted, Complex, Diversified, Multiple Same, Single, One, Sole The problems related to poverty are manifold.
Sheen Noun Brightness


Glaze, Gleam, Gloss, Luster Dullness, Darkness The actors lose few followers after their sheen wears off.
Mammoth Adjective Huge


Colossal, Enormous, Gargantuan, Gigantic Insignificant, Miniscule, Minute, Little, Miniature The ongoing COVID vaccination programme is a mammoth task.
Sophisticated Adjective Complex


Complicated, Delicate, Intricate, Modern, Refined, Subtle Harsh, Simple Uncomplicated, Easy, Naive Samar tried all manner of sophisticated manipulation techniques but could not change his friend’s behaviour.


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