Essay On Republic Day in English 26 January 2022

Essay on Republic Day 26 January 2022 : In today’s article, we will talk about one of the three national festivals of India. Which no Indian will be able to forget for eternity and that is Republic Day. Yes friends, in today’s article we will write an essay on Republic Day and tell you in simple language that when and for what Republic Day is celebrated. So let’s get started.

Essay on Republic Day

Essay on Republic Day
Essay on Republic Day

Preface for Essay on Republic Day

We celebrate this festival celebrated by us with full enthusiasm. In Essay on Republic Day Sing the national anthem, sing the national anthem and salute their flag (tricolor). This festival of Republic Day is celebrated with great pomp, especially in schools and government offices. Children perform a lot of songs, speeches and cultural acts on the occasion of this day and cultural programs are also organized in government offices on this day.

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History of republic day

The history of Indian Republic Day is much more interesting and grand, which was started on 26 January 1950 when the Constitution of India was implemented in our country by removing the Government of India Act. On this occasion, Republic Day is celebrated in our country. Apart from this, another history is very famous that it was on this day in 1930 that the Congress had put forth the demand of Purna Swaraj for the first time, that was also a historic day. The day began in 1929 when the Congress was headed by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

When and why is the Republic Day festival celebrated?

The Republic Day festival is celebrated every year on 26 January and it started in 1950 and also honors the pledge of Poorna Swaraj. Republic Day is celebrated because on this day the constitution of our country was fully started. It is a matter of pride for all of us and we will celebrate the day of 26th January with full enthusiasm.

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Grand events organized on the day of Republic Day

Many programs are organized on the day of Republic Day like-

Parade in Delhi on 26 January

Various programs are organized on the day of Republic Day. Every year on 26 January, the Government of India organizes a program in New Delhi, the capital of India, in which a special parade is organized at India Gate located in Delhi and in the early morning, this program is organized. People gather on the streets to watch the great event. In this program, the three armies start their parade from Vijay Chowk, in which many weapons and weapons are also displayed.

Flag hoisting

Apart from this, the President is saluted by the three armies. Apart from this, flag hoisting programs are also held in government departments and schools and the national anthem is sung. Apart from this, our national flag tricolor is hoisted by the Indian Air Force and flowers are showered from the sky.

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Importance of republic day

The importance of Republic Day is so much for us that we are proud that we are able to celebrate this day with full freedom in our country. We will not forget till death the way our brave soldiers and freedom fighters have brought freedom. Apart from this, the day of 26 January is a festival that fills us with pride and also gives us the feeling of former freedom.

Epilogue for Essay on Republic Day

In today’s article, we have written an essay on Republic Day, we hope that you must have understood the importance of Republic Day very well. If you liked this article written by us, how do share it with your friends and relatives. Thank you.

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