Essay On gratitude

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2022)

Essay On gratitude

Essay On gratitude : Hello friends, we hope that you are healthy and happy in this time of Coronavirus and making better use of your time. Friends, we have got many things in life, if we sit down to count them, then it will be night from morning, but still we humans never give gratitude to those things and in its place always keep counting the shortcomings of our life. So friends, today we will read Essay on Gratitude in which we will read each and every aspect related to Gratitude in detail.

Essay On gratitude
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Essay On gratitude (Meaning of Gratitude)

What is the meaning of gratitude?

As we read above that we have many things available but still we are not able to express our gratitude to them. Gratitude is the expression of gratitude for those things which God has given us with so much love and respect. The true meaning of gratitude is to give heartfelt thanks to the things that exist.

Now you will think that if things do exist, then what is the need to thank them? Whatever is there, it will run away somewhere, it is mine, it will remain in my possession. So friends, this thinking gives birth to ego in us and this ego demands more things in life. Therefore, to reduce this ego, it is very important for us to be grateful.

Importance of Gratitude

God has blessed us with many lovely and precious things. We have described some valuable things below, read them a little carefully-

माता पिता
भोजन- जल
शुद्ध हवा
पेड़ पौधे
प्रेमपूर्ण वातावरण

Apart from the things mentioned above, we also have millions of other things for which we need to be thankful.

Our parents take care of us from birth and take care of our education, health and culture. Later on, we become friends with whom we share all our happiness and sorrows, we take pure food and water every day, through which we are alive from birth till today.


We come to know the importance of these things when this thing is not with us, be it food or our guardians. It is only when they are away from us that we come to know their real importance, so in this momentary world, we should have a sense of gratitude for the things around us every day.

We should not forget at all now that there are millions of people who do not get even this much and they struggle day and night only for these things. So forget your sorrows and feel how lucky you are to have these things.

Benefits of Gratitude

Express gratitude for all the things that have supported you through your bad times and helped you. Because gratitude has infinite benefits-

1- Strengthens the relationship

When you present gratitude in front of your close relatives, it adds a lovely sweetness to your relationship, and you come closer to each other because gratitude breeds love and ego distances.

Gratitude shows that you appreciate the presence of the person in front of you and are really happy with their contribution. May these small, lovely moments bring eternal happiness in life and make the relationship of your life unbreakable and very strong.

2- Increases love

Gratitude is directly related to love, if you have love for a person in your life, then only you can bring a feeling of true gratitude to him otherwise never will.

The feeling of gratitude gives immense growth to love and brings peace, prosperity and opulence in your life. We will be able to love others only when we love ourselves, in the same way, we will be able to have a feeling of gratitude for others only when we thank ourselves for good things.

3- Reduces suffering

Gratitude proves to be a panacea in alleviating our suffering. You might be wondering, how can having a sense of gratitude reduce suffering? And it is natural for this question to arise. So friends, when we have some sorrow then if we look at that sadness carefully then we will understand that sorrow is there in every person’s life, and we have more reason to be happy than sadness.

So in such a situation, if we are not happy for the resources that exist, then why are we sad when we are unhappy. By thinking in this way, we will be able to know the truth and act for our betterment and for this conscience we will be able to have a feeling of gratitude towards God.

4- Calms the mind

Through gratitude we show gratitude to others. When we find that we bring happiness to others, we find ourselves happy, and this happiness is not primarily momentary; This happiness is eternal and everlasting.

When we are able to provide peace to others, we also find that our mind is calm, the feeling of greed is less, the speed of desires is slow, Vrittiya and Maya are able to disturb less, so that the mind is getting peace. Is.

How to practice gratitude?

We can practice gratitude in many ways, some of which are described below-

  • Take a close look at your life and note what are the things that are playing an influential role in your life. And thank God for those things and take a vow that you will contribute to the increase of all those things and not to their destruction.
  • Give up all the things that bring you down. Use your discretion wisely; Do not consider yourself to be an animal, respect your consciousness and keep the truth as the goal.
  • Whenever you get a chance, participate in the good work of the society and wherever you see policemen, sweepers, doctors and people involved in social service, express your gratitude towards them. Its spread is possible only by practicing gratitude.
  • After waking up every day, thank God for this new day and all the things that you have. I am doing this in practice since last one year and it is really very beneficial.
  • Respect everything in nature. This respect will show you your sense of gratitude. The more you express gratitude for things, the more you will find that you are becoming closer to yourself and your outlook on life is changing.

Conclusion of  Essay On gratitude

Nothing is sweeter than gratitude. The one who takes you close to love is love and love itself is divine, so use it in your life. So friends, today we have read Essay on Gratitude in Hindi. We hope that you liked this article, do share it with your friends and relatives. Thank you

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