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The Oxford Hindi English Dictionary [PDF]

PDF Title: The Oxford Hindi English Dictionary
Total Page: 194 Pages
PDF Size: 30.8 MB
Language: English
PDF Link: Available

Oxford Dictionary PDF DOWNLOAD Oxford Dictionary English to Hindi

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The Oxford Hindi English Dictionary PDF



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Complete Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary PDF Download- Hello everyone, in this article we will discuss Oxford Dictionary PDF. Oxford dictionary is one of the most popular dictionaries and everyone has known and heard that name very well in their lifetime.

As we all know that when Android phones were not in use, we used a dictionary to find the meaning of a particular word, but when Android phones came into use, the dictionary became less important and was referred to as a digital dictionary. But everything has its own importance and value.

Oxford dictionary pdf download

Here in this article we will share Oxford Dictionary. Candidates are advised to refer the hard copy of Oxford Dictionary, candidates can easily buy this book from their local market or it can be easily purchased from online platform.

English section plays a very important role in competitive job exams like SSC CGL, IBPS PO, and other, vocabulary plays a very important role to crack English section in competitive exam. Must have strong vocabulary or good command over vocab to understand English sentences or solve paragraphs. There are many ways to strengthen the vocabulary section, one can regularly read a paragraph from Hindu article or refer to another article as well.

For candidates who are from Hindi medium, it is very difficult to cover English section but it is not impossible that one can improve their English section by practicing daily on regular basis.

It is important to note down the meaning of difficult words in a notebook and can also revise these words for better command, one can improve their English section by following this method.

This Oxford Dictionary PDF is important for all competitive exams, especially for the English Vocabulary section. So all the candidates who are preparing for government job or want to improve their English can easily buy Oxford Dictionary from above link.

  1. Cause (n) : reason
  2. Cause (v) : produce
  3. Caution (n) : care
  4. Caution (v) : warn
  5. Cautious (adj.) : careful, watchful
  6. Cavalcade (n) : a procession of a person on horseback
  7. Cavalier (n) : horseman
  8. Cavalier (adj.) : haughty
  9. Cave (n) : a (large) den
  10. Cavil (n) : a trivial objection
  11. Cavity (n) : a hollow
  12. Caw (n) : the cry of a crow
  13. Caw (v) : cry as a crow
  14. Cease (v) : stop, put an end to
  15. Ceaseless (adj.) : continual, never ending
  16. Cedar (n) : a kind of big tree
  17. Cede (v) : grant, give way, yield
  18. Ceiling (n) : the inner roof of a house
  19. Celebrate (v) : perform with proper rites and ceremonies
  20. Celebrated (adj.) : famous
  21. Celebration (n) : observance or performance with due rites
  22. Celebrity (n) : a well-known person
  23. Celestial (adj.) : heavenly
  24. Celibacy (n) : the state of being unmarried

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