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The Duke and I PDF – (Bridgerton Series) [PDF]


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PDF Title: The Duke and I – (Bridgerton Series)
Total Page: 280 Pages
Author: Julia Quinn
PDF Size: 1.4 MB
Language: English
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Duke and I – (Bridgeton Series)

But unlike every other night, he never made her unconscious. She was given much to think about that day – nothing, not even her body’s intense longing, could stop her frantic pace of thoughts. She was swimming in desire, every nerve skillfully brought to the fever pitch of need, and yet her mind was spinning and analyzing it.

When his eyes, so blue that they lit up even in candlelight, lit up in it, he wondered whether that intensity was due to emotion he didn’t know how to express through words. When she understood his name, she could do nothing but listen to another short stutter. And when he sank into it, his head thrown backward, until the cords of his neck came out in stern relief, he wondered why he looked as though he was in so much pain.

The Duke and I – (Bridgerton Series) PDF


The Duke and I PDF Book by Julia Quinn

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When Simon walked quietly into the halls of Lady Danbury’s London home, he felt alone in a good mood. This, he thought with a laugh, was indeed remarkable, considering the fact that he was about to attend a society ball and thus subject himself to all the horrors that Anthony Bridgerton had laid before him earlier that afternoon. Did.

The Duke and I PDF Book by Julia Quinn

Name of Book The Duke and I
Author Julia Quinn
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 499
Language English
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 About Book – The Duke and I PDF Book Download by Julia Quinn

But he could console himself with the knowledge that from today onwards he need not be bothered by such actions again; As he had told Anthony earlier that afternoon, he was attending this special ball only out of loyalty to Lady Danbury, who, despite his devious ways, had always been nice enough to him as a child.

His good mood, he realized, stemmed from the simple fact that he was happy to be back in England. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy his travels around the world. He traveled the length and breadth of Europe, traversed the exquisite blue seas of the Mediterranean, and delved into the mysteries of North Africa.

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From there he went to the Holy Land, and then, when inquiries revealed that it was not yet time to return home, he crossed the Atlantic and discovered the West Indies. Duke and I PDF Book Download At the time he considered moving to the United States, but the new nation saw it fit to enter conflict with Britain, so Simon stayed away.

Moreover, it was then that he learned that his father, who had been ill for many years, finally died. It was ironic, really. Simon would not have traded his years of exploration for anything. Six years has given a man a lot of time to think, a lot of time to learn what it means to be a man. And yet the only reason that twenty-two-year-old Simon left England was because his father had suddenly decided that he was finally ready to accept his son.

However, Simon was unwilling to accept his father, and so he simply packed his bags and left the country, preferring exile to the old duke’s hypocritical offers of affection. It all started when Simon was finished in Oxford. The Duke originally did not want to pay for his son’s schooling; Simon once saw a letter written to a teacher stating that he had forbidden his stupid son to fool the family at Eton.

But Simon had a hungry mind as well as a stubborn heart, and so he ordered a carriage to take him to Eton, knocked on the headmaster’s door, and announced his presence. The Duke and I PDF Book Download It was the most terrifying job ever, but he somehow managed to convince the headmaster that the mix-up was the school’s fault, that somehow Eaton might have lost his enrollment papers and fees.

He imitated all his father’s mannerisms, raised an arrogant brow, raised his chin, and looked down at his nose, and generally appeared as if he thought he was the master of the world. And the whole time, he was trembling in his shoes, fearing that at any moment his words would be distorted and stacked upon each other, that “I am Earl Cliveden, and I am here to start classes, Come out instead, “I’m Earl Cliveden, and I’m hhhhh—” but it wasn’t, and the headmaster, who had educated England’s aristocracy over enough years to immediately recognize Simon as a member of the Bassett family was nominated for. posthumously and without question

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