Indian History in Hindi PDF Books Download

Indian History in Hindi PDF Books Download


Students note that we are here for the convenience of all of you ancient history in Hindi pdf (History of Ancient India), modern history of India in Hindi pdf (History of Modern India), medieval Indian history in Hindi pdf (History of Medieval India) ) are sharing.

Ancient History of India in Hindi PDF Download

The following are the syllabus for the history of ancient India:-

  • Prehistoric Cultures in India
  • sources of ancient indian history
  • Indus Civilization and its Origin, Mature Stage, Expansion, Society, Economy and Culture Contact with other Cultures, Problem of Decline.
  • Vedic society, Vedic texts, Rigveda, transformation up to the later Vedic stages, religion, ideology related to the Upanishads, political and social organization:
  • development of monarchy and varna system from Mahajanpadas to Nanda, state formation and urbanization
  • Jainism and Buddhism, Factors of Spread, Shaivism, Bhagavata Sampradaya, Buddhism, Hinayana and Mahayana, Jainism and Culture, Art
  • Maurya Empire: Chandragupta Maurya, Megasthenes, Ashoka and his inscriptions, his Dhamma, administration, then culture and art, economics
  • Post-Mauryan India: Society, development of castes from 200 BC-300 AD, the period of seven vehicles and state formation in the peninsula, Indo-Greek (Indo-
  • Greek) Shaka, Parthian, Kushan, Kanishka
  • Sangam literature related texts and then society
  • map study
  • Selected quotes from history
  • questionnaire
  • Appendix
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Modern History of India in Hindi PDF

The following are the courses in History of Modern India :-

  • British expansion in India
    Carnatic War, Bengal Conquest, Mysore State and its opposition to British expansion efforts, Three Anglo-Maratha Wars, Early Structure of British State in India,
  • Regulating and Pitt’s India Act
    economic effects of the british state
  • Drain of wealth, tax system, land revenue settlement, (zamindari, ryotwari, mahalwari) destruction of industries, classification of agriculture and railways, increase in landless labour.
  • Cultural Meetings and Social Change
    Role of Western Education and Modern Thoughts, Indian Renaissance
  • opposition to British rule
    Early Rebellion, Revolt of 1857 – Causes, Nature, Duration and Consequences
  • Indian freedom struggle
  • Gandhiji and his ideology
  • Separatist tendencies in Indian nationalist politics
  • India from independence till 1964
  • great personality of modern india
  • Sessions of the Indian National Congress : Overview (from 1885 to 1964)
  • questionnaire
  • Appendix
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Medieval History of India in Hindi PDF

The following are the syllabus for History of Medieval India :-

  • Early Medieval India 750 AD to 1200 AD
  • Major Dynasties, Chola Empire, Agricultural and Political Structures, Rajputra, Limitation of Social Mobility, Position of Women, Expansion of Arabs at the Centre,
  • Stranger State, Cultural Trends, Religious Positions, Significance of Temples and Monastery Institutions, Shankaracharya, Islam, Sufi Tradition , Literature and
  • Science, India of Alberuni, Art and Architecture
  • India of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
  • Ghori Conquest, Causes and Consequences, Delhi Sultanate under Slave Rulers, Alauddin Khilji, Conquest, Administrative, Agricultural, and Economic Measures,
  • Integral Changes of Muhammad Tughluq, Firoz Tughlaq and the Decline of Delhi Sultanate, Growth of Commerce and Urbanization, Literature, changes in architecture, technology
  • India of the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries
  • Major Revolutionary Dynasties, Vijayanagara Empire, Lodhi Raj, First Phase of Mughal Empire, Babur, Humayun, Sur Empire and Administration, Portugal,
  • Monotheism Movement, Kabir, Guru Nanak and Sikhism, Bhakti Movement, Growth of Regional Literary Styles, Art and Culture
  • India from 1556 AD to 1707 AD
  • map study
  • Selected quotes from history
  • medieval historical personality
  • questionnaire
  • Appendix
Medieval History book PDF Download

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