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For NDA Exams, it is essential to read the right books to strengthen your foundation and develop your concepts. It has become difficult to choose the best books for the preparation of NDA syllabus as there are so many NDA books available in the market. To help you study properly for various exam stages, we are giving a list of NDA Books for English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Geography and Current Affairs.

Nda preparation book pdf for free download. UPSC conducts the NDA exam twice a year for the selection of officers for the Armed Forces. Selected candidates undergo training at the National Defense Academy before joining the Indian Army, Navy or Air Force.

Contents of NDA book Pdf


Set theory
Relations and Functions
Complex numbers
Binary Numbers
Sequences and Series
Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
Permutations and Combinations
Binomial Theorem
Measurements of Angles and Trigonometric Ratios
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Height and Distance
Properties of Triangles
Coordinate System and Straight Lines
Conic Section
Three Dimensional Geometry
Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
Application of Derivatives
Indefinite Integrals
Definite Integrals
Areas Bounded by Regions
Differential Equations
Vector Algebra


Spotting the Errors
Sentence Improvement
Sentence Completion
Jumbled Sentences and Paragraphs


Measurement, Motion and Force
Work, Energy and Power
Centre of Mass and Rotational Motion
General Properties of Matter
Heat and Kinetic Theory of Gases
Oscillation and Waves
Current Electricity
Magnetic Effects of Electric Current and Magnetism
Nucleus and Radioactivity
Modern Physics

Physical and Chemical Changes
Elements, Mixtures and Compounds
Laws of Chemical Combination and Gas Laws
Concept of Atomic, Molecular and Equivalent Masses
Atomic Structure and Radioactivity
Chemical Bonding
Acids, Bases and Salts
Oxidation, Reduction and Electrochemistry
Non-Metals and Their Compounds
Some Important Chemical Compounds

Diversity in Living World
Cell and Cell Division
Constituents of Food (Biomolecules)
Structural Organisation of Plants and Animals
Plants Physiology and Reproduction
Human System – I
Human System – II
Health and Diseases
Economic Importance of Biology
Ecology, Biodiversity and Environment


Indian Polity
Indian Economy
General Knowledge

Best Books for UPSC NDA Exam 2023

It is important to select a suitable set of NDA books to crack the exam. Due to the abundance of study material available in stores and online, candidates often get confused about the study source that they should choose.

Hence, to make your preparation easier, our experts have mentioned a selection of the best NDA books for all subjects including English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Geography and Current Affairs. Following the advice given in these books for NDA exam will undoubtedly set you on the right track and help you perform better in the exam.

Candidates must remember that these books coupled with at least 6-7 years previous years question papers of NDA will help them to perform better in NDA exam. Solving old papers will give right direction to your preparation. Before checking the top books for NDA exam the candidate must review the comprehensive NDA 2022 exam syllabus.

Special UPSC NDA Preparation Books

  • Do not waste time to start preparing and start collecting important books.
  • The concepts and methods used in the books are easy to understand and with great clarity each topic of the subject.
  • While buying books, do not forget to check the latest edition with updated mock test series.
  • Also, Check NDA Selection Process

UPSC NDA Eligibility Criteria 2022: Age Limit, Education, Female Eligibility

How to choose NDA preparation books?

Now the question is, “How to choose the preparation books for UPSC NDA 2022?”. Check out the points given below to know the answer.

  • Check out the index page which mentions all the topics based on NDA Syllabus or not.
  • Remember to check the edition of the book, whether it is the latest edition or not, to get the updated questions and material related to the exam.
  • You can also choose books from famous authors.
  • Make sure that the book you are choosing should have practice material, mock series, previous year papers and advanced preparation level.

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NDA Study Packages NDA Exam Materials
NDA Sample Papers NDA Mock Test Series

The language and method of explanation should be easy to understand. There should be clarity in the solutions or answers mentioned in the books.
You can use the books provided by various coaching centers and institutes for the preparation to enhance your knowledge.

Best Book for NDA preparation pdf Download Subject-wise Best Books For NDA 1 & NDA 2
NDA Books pdf for English Paper

The objective of the English part is to assess the candidate’s knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Here is a list of books that applicants can use to help them study for the English part of NDA:

Name of Book Author & Publication Remarks
Objective General English S. P. Bakshi

(Arihant Publication)

The English portion of the NDA exam can be well-prepared for with the help of this book. You will comprehend the ideas in this section better if you take detailed notes, use appropriate examples, and complete the activities.
Wren & Martin’s High School English Grammar & Composition S. Chand You can learn the fundamental grammatical rules, exceptions, and practical applications from this book.
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis

(Goyal Publishers)

This book is useful for all pupils who have vocabulary difficulties.

NDA Books for Physics Paper

Class 11th and 12th questions which are related to electricity and mechanics are generally asked in physics section. The list of useful books for NDA exam is as follows:

Name of Book/Source Author & Publication Remarks
NCERT (11th n 12th) The NCERT is quite succinct and well-written.
NCERT Exemplar This book is a great resource for reviewing and applying key number principles.

NDA Books for Mathematics

Most of the topics covered by questions in Mathematics paper include calculus, quadratic equations, matrices and determinants, trigonometry etc. Here are some publications that will help you complete the course:

NDA Mathematics Books Author / Publisher
NCERT Mathematics Textbook of Class 11 and Class 12 NCERT
Mathematics R.S. Aggarwal
Mathematics for NDA and NA S Chand publication
R.S. Agarwal
NDA Entrance Exam E. S. Ramasamy

NDA Books for History, Geography, and General Science

Here are some books to help you understand this section:

  • General Knowledge Objective, published by Lucent
  • General Knowledge 2023, published by Arihant
Name of Book Author & Publication Remarks
Objective GK Sanjiv Kumar; Lucent Publication You can use this book to help you review key concepts from the history and geography portion.
Objective GK Sanjiv Kumar; Lucent Publication Biology can be covered in a very concise manner, which is helpful for the examinations. Human Body, Plant and Animal Cells, Human Reproduction, and Other Important Topics Everyone Should Read.

NDA Books for Chemistry

Questions from class 11th and class 12th are used for the Chemistry section of the exam. These questions cover topics such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Acids, Bases, Salts, Oxidation and Reduction, Atoms, Valence, and more.

Name of Book/Source Author & Publication Remarks
NCERT (11th n 12th) Read NCERT since it is incredibly straightforward and brief.
NCERT Exemplar This book will assist you in reviewing key ideas.

NDA Book PDF Course Material for Current Affairs

For the preparation of this part, applicants must make a habit of reading current affairs publications and newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Times of India etc. to stay active on the developments in India and across the world.

Candidates can follow the latest Manorama Yearbook apart from the above mentioned publications and apply online. Additionally, applicants can consult NDA study resources to get a comprehensive list of all important events.


Download : NDA Book PDF

Name : NDA, NA Preparation Book
Medium : English
Number of pages : 1260

NHM CHO Book pdf download

FAQ’s around NDA Preparation Books

Can I get the PDF of NDA maths books?

Yes. Read the complete article to download NDA Mathematics Book PDF.

Can NDA study books be valuable?

If you practice really hard with the help of our referred books, you can definitely excel in NDA 2022 Exam with high grades.

Is it possible to crack NDA 2 exam in less than two months?

Yes. With the help of proper study material and books, you can easily crack NDA 2 exam.

Is it possible for an average student to crack NDA 2022 exam?

Yes. Every candidate needs to work hard to crack the NDA 2022 exam.

Can I download NDA Books in PDF format?

Yes. You can download NDA Textbook in PDF format and study it whenever you want.

In how many shifts will the NDA exam be conducted?

The NDA exam will be held in two shifts: morning and afternoon.

How can I pay for NDA preparation books?

You can choose any of the below mentioned transaction methods to pay for NDA exam books:

Debit Card
Credit Card
Net Banking
Google Pay

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